TODO:EDIT. Sex Health is grossly overlooked in schools. My boyfriend thought pee came out of the vagina until I had to tell him a month ago because he went to Arizona for school, and he never took sex education. What!

What it does

TODO:EDIT Raise awareness and educate mainly younger teens on sexual health through an interactive game. This not only can help prevent STI's before they happen, thus reducing costs in hospitals and other medical fields regarding STI care, but provides sexual education in an environment outside of the traditional classroom, available to all.

How I built it

Charlie built on twine. TODO: FINISH

Challenges I ran into

CS104 and too many treehacks events to go to. Also got caught up in trying to develop in VR (both Magic Leap One and Oculus Quest). Sunk a lot of time into understanding Magic Leap One APIs but didn't want to hog the headset so we turned it back in and never got the chance to get it back. TODO:FINISH

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having something to demo despite all odds

What I learned


What's next for Sex

An actual game, maybe VR. TODO:FINSIH

Built With

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