Over 800,000 Deaf people in Kenya are inaccessible to Sexual Reproductive Health resources on TV, radio, and social media e.g. Facebook, youtube, live video because of a lack of sign languages.


Sex eLimu provides both Deaf and Hearing youth with access to Sexual Reproductive Health resource in sign language through video content. eLimu is a word in Swahili that means education in English.


Being Deaf, we have experienced first hand the challenges of accessing SRH information and services. For the Deaf girls, it was harder. We have Disability Act 2013 and Kenyan Sign Language recognised in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. UNFPA was an opportunity to demonstrate how an implementation of inclusive services can be done. Especially in the sexual health sector with accurate information which the Deaf can access. We would also learn from UNFPA's vast experience and knowledge.

What it does

Sex eLimu enables Deaf and Hearing youths to ask or search SRH terms for sign language and definition and to select any topics to watch and learn SRH information in sign language. The bot on Facebook messenger allows users to upload and add video or gif to SRH Dictionary if searched word is not available in the dictionary. Sex eLimu is available on Facebook Messenger, Android, and iOS.

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