Sex Education - The TV series Most people fear/shy away from opening up about sex topics and their sexuality in general especially adolecents.On the other hand, most of them cannot afford to visit a proffessional hence left with very minimal options, including staying silent with their issues.

What it does(solution)

Edd is a sex therapist here to help you with the tough and awkward sex-related questions and information gathering concerning the topic.Sex ed is a chatbot that provides inclusive sex education with Dr. Edd, an interactive chat bot, to shed light on your questions.

How we built it

Dialogue flow, nodejs, express.js, WhatsApp API, Twilio API, firebase

Challenges we ran into

Finding the right data sets to train the models, creating the knowledge base

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Successful integration with WhatsApp, Messanger and voice call Successful integration with firebase

What we learned

Leveraging on available technologies and APIs to prototype faster, Working collaboratively with an able team, New technologies like Node.js which has primarily been used.

What's next for Sex-ed (Dr. Edd)

Intents... creating awareness, further training of the model

Test it NOW!


Send a whatsapp message: join gave-buffalo to +1415-523-8886(Edd's number)


visit our facebook page and send Edd a message

Voice Call

Call +1 408-7661-796(Edd on voice call)

Charges may apply...

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