We wanted to build a way for people to record and share their medical status (STIs, birthcontrol, etc.) to enable safer, more productive interactions between romantically interested people.

We also wanted to allow people with certain medical conditions (e.x. Celiac's) to find other's with that status who opt in to enable better starting romantic connections.

Enter S+

Both of these features would not return raw results but rather a score based on the time of record and other metadata in order to abstract the data in their medical records.

What it does

  • Integration into Metamask/Rinkeby test network
  • Basic UI for interacting with contracts

How we built it

Metamask, web3, react, redux

Challenges we ran into

All 4 members of our team are very new/brand new to Etherium based web development/Solidarity development, so there was a large learning curve to get the basics in place that took the majority of our time.

In addition, storing and retrieving medical data is very complicated and risky with many limitations. We chose to ignore those for the hackathon.

And finally, there are ethical issues revealing/finding people based on a score derived from medical information. We did not dive into/address these issues as fully as we would need to before this could be rolled out use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Integration into Metamask/Rinkeby test network
  • Basic UI for interacting with contracts
  • Got far enough along to start trying more advanced multi-contracts for setting up provider (doctor, nurse, other) submissions and querying by users.

What we learned

  • Eth development is significantly more complex (and interesting) than standard web app development.
    • No server? No database? No problem!
  • Syncing a blockchain over a mobile hotspot eats a leeeetle data
  • Testnet contracts execute wicked fast
    • And everyone on there is rich in Eth!

What's next for S+

  • Get newer contracts working.
  • UI restructuring
  • Hardening/Security
  • Add allergies/other conditions
  • User validation/testing


  • Chris for staying up all night getting things working
  • Nick Miller for help on more advanced Solidarity contract development and deployment

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