In the present situation of COVID-19 pandemic it has become a very difficult task for the officials to keep track of the people in quarantine and to get the latest updates about their health and other information from time-to-time. And, also it is difficult to track the movements ,whereabouts of the person and might be infecting other people around him.In this lockdown period, officials are facing difficulties in going from door to door and collect all the required information and health updates from the people in quarantine. Therefore, in order to overcome these problems with the help of latest technologies,our team has created a platform to help the officials to gather all the required information and to keep track of the people just by sitting in their offices or from any remote place without going door to door and also prevent them from becoming a victim of this disaster. Our team has made enormous effort in creating the platform that yields sufficiently accurate results in order to keep track of the people and keep them informed about the latest updates from the government bodies in this pandemic situation. Everyone is facing this major problem of finding beds for Covid-19 treatment because the spread of the virus has created havoc so our platform helps one to find vacant beds. One of the reasons for such a large spread of the virus is lack of knowledge of things like its symptoms, precautionary measures etc, so an attempt is made to bring awareness among everyone through multilingual Chatbot.

What it does

So the solution we developed consists of a app and an website in order to establish connection between the officials and the public. Major features of the applications are listed below:- 1)Restricting the controlling area to a particular radius in order to keep track of each and every person and decreasing the overflow of data.This also helps in segregation of data. 2)Getting the real time location of the people to track their movements. 3)Providing a high level of security for the mobile application by fingerprint sensor to prevent fake status updation. 4)Preventing faking of data by asking them to upload their real time selfie while updating their status in the regular interval of time 5)An SOS button in the mobile application to contact the central control in case of emergency just by a single click. 6)Showing the quarantines are in their houses or not during the period of quarantine to the officials by ‘safe’ or ‘alert’ notification on the website. 7)An alert message on the website if status is not updated continuously for a longer period of time which will increase the efficiency of tracking quarantined people which will in turn help the officials in tracking them perfectly. 8)Latest updates about the covid-19 spread in the country with the help of graphs and tabulated data which shows the number of infected,cured and deaths. 9)List of all the important contact details along with their location. Important contact details include police station numbers and their address, state and central Covid-19 numbers, details of hospitals that are treating Covid-19 patients. 10)The officials will have all data of the users list inside their area to take any necessary action on them. 11)They will have all the status updates of the users so that they can verify about their status. 12)With every status user's location will be updated so that the police can track them. 13)The police department will have access to the history of users updated status for future reference if required 14)The user will be able to use the Multilingual Chatbot which can be used in any of the languages English,Kannada,Tamil,Malayalam,Telugu,Hindi to enquire about topics such as Symptoms of the disease,Modes of disease spread,Precautions to be taken,Cures,About Covid-19. 15)The user can view the live count of Beds in each hospital which treats Covid-19 patients.

The end users for our platform are the common public ,mainly the government officials who are working on the FRONTLINE especially the police department or the healthcare department for keeping track of the people during the lockdown.

How we built it

The application created by our team is a combination web and mobile application which is very light and simple to use.Following is the list of packages and external dependencies used in the mobile application:-

1.Cloud_firestore 2.Firebase_auth 3.Geolocator 4.Firebase_storage 5.Http 6.Charts_flutter 7.Uuid 8.Provider 9.Shared_preferences 10.Cahced_network_image 11.flutter_phoneix 12.local_auth 13.Latlng 14.Latlong 15.Camera 16.Image_picker 17.flutter_spinkit 18.url_launcher

The following are the services used:

1.Firebase authentication for OTP verification. 2.Firebase cloud firestore. 3.Firebase cloud storage.

The following is the database used:

1.NoSQL database for storing and retrieving data of users and their status. 2.Hosted in a firebase cloud firestore.

The web application is built using Nodejs as backend language, Express as the server and Firebase Cloud store as database. The website is then hosted on Heroku.

The list of node packages used are: 1.Express 2.Firebase-admin 3.Bcrypt 4.Nodemon 5.Body-parser 6.Ejs 7.Express-sessions 8.Bcryptjs 9.Request 10.Geopoint 11.Request

The following are the services used:

1.Firebase Cloud Storage 2.Geo Locator for finding latitude and longitude. as api as to get the data on covid19 cases in india

The Chatbot is built as follows:

1.Flask - framework used to built the API 2.Nltk,Tensorflow - frameworks used for Machine Learning purpose 3.Redis, Mango - Database used 4.Vitalets - Google translator API used for translation

The API is hosted in Heroku. The Bed tracker is built as follows:

API is built using PARSEHUB and it is hosted on its server. The API is built using web Scrapping technique.

Challenges we ran into

There were many challenges we ran into, first of we wanted to make sure what are the exact problems faced by the public as well as the officials to get wider exposure to the problem that we were trying to solve.Initially because of the lockdown period our team was not able to reach out officials and public and physical meeting was impossible so it was really challenging for us to contact people. But slowly we contacted few people and understood what are the problems in this field and then after a series of researching we started working on our solution. Another challenge was while developing the solution , most of the concepts we were using to build our applications were pretty new and there were no proper documentations for some of the features we were trying to implement so we had run through many trial and error method to get the exact feature we wanted into our applications.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team has made this platform by taking into consideration that it helps each and everyone who are fighting against this pandemic. The key issue for such enormous growth in the graph of this pandemic is lack of awareness and level of the danger of the COVID-19 pandemic, so our platform helps people to be aware of the current situation, the country is facing now.It helps people in understanding the importance of quarantine. It also helps the officials who are fighting on the FRONTLINE to track the quarantined people and stop the spread of this pandemic. It especially helps the departments(such as the police department,healthcare) who are fighting against this pandemic to keep us safe. It makes their work easier and reduces the level of threat to the officials. It also helps the quarantined people to establish contact with the officials, in case they are facing any emergency situation. It has an impact on every living being ,from a small baby to grown old aged people. It is very helpful to old aged people because they will be monitored digitally which prevents the spread of virus and saves their lives.

What we learned

First of all we learnt many new things while working on solution and also most importantly understood how to contact various people inorder to understand what are the problems they are actually facing in day to day lives. And also we learnt how to collaborate and work together as a team and by dividing all the works equally we can accomplish the goal very easily and quickly.

What's next for SeWay

Currently the solution we developed is to help the society in this pandemic but we have plans of generalizing our solution which might be particular to covid-19 only right now and used for monitoring and tracking of other serious medical conditions. This application can also be used to build one to one connection between a doctor and patients and also we have few ideas regarding building a business model in case we generalize this application in order to get revenue and make it as a stand alone product or a startup. The revenue model can in the form of subscription based model or also we can contact hospitals and as the doctors to use this application to establish communication with their patients for regular updates and may be online consultancies and the patient can charged a minimum amount by the doctor and later paid to us for generating revenue. The will help even to maintain social distancing because so distancing will become an essential aspect of lives post covid too so the current model for this covid-19 purpose can be generalized and used in the healthcare sector very easily and efficiently.

(NOTICE!!!:- The mobile application is currently working only with Indian phone numbers only inorder to authenticate and login into the app and also the app will only work on the devices having inbuild fingerprint sensors for security purposes). And also the link for our website was showing error in link section so the link will be given here:-

Thank you. Team Warriors(SeWay).

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