The healthcare sector is at the epicenter of this unprecedented global pandemic challenge, with rising number of cases finding a bed in a hospital has became a challenge of its own, due to the lack of a unified platform which links the data of all the hospitals in a geographic area and helps to overpass the hustle of finding a hospital with available beds and with the right set of required facilities.

Also, there is a lack of transparency in the current system for a patient looking out for a hospital and it leads to problems at patients end.

What it does

Our solution is a two-way system between a user and health provider. The solution that we developed is a web application named Sewak App, which can be used as a single platform for all healthcare facilities related queries. Our platform can provide support by medical centers around the country, they will be able to provide critical up-to-date information such as: number of COVID-19 tests, number of available ventilators, PPE status, number of COVID-19 patients, type of medical facility(full care, testing only, non-COVID only) to help further guide our algorithm on matching patients with the correct hospitals. Furthermore, we hope to make this data accessible to all medical institutions accessing our database. Furthermore, users can Book an appointment with the doctors of respective hospitals with the help of Sewak’s Time Slot Booking System.

How we built it

  1. We built the frontend setup with ReactJS framework, Redux library and Material-UI components.

  2. The backend is baked on NodeJS with mongoDB Atlas as the database provider of choice.

  3. APIs that were used in project include HERE Maps SDK for geo-encoding.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Integration a reliable authentication provider while also having a flexible data to work with.

  2. Finding pinpoint locations from the user provided address, HERE MAPS SDK helped us out in a lot more ways than this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Working with the HERE maps geoencoding API, we managed to add colour based delivery status markers linked to the pickup status of the request.

  2. Working as a team in a limited time frame.

What we learned

As we only have had couple of web projects before this the experience was quite a learning curve for our team. We still were not able to deliver the full concept given the time constraint but we would love to work on this further on and finish the project that we started with.

What's next for Sewak

  1. Volunteering System for Social Workers to help the patients to reach the hospital to avoid public transports and reduce the chances of being infected.

  2. Registering local hospitals in our application and try to scale in real life.

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