When it comes to high-stake emergency situation, many people do not have the training or knowledge required to safely deal with the case. Our vision was to create a Virtual Reality training system so that individuals are able to immerse themselves in a situation while being guided through the process.

How it works

Our product guides the user through a simulated experience and takes them through the sequence of events training them to act appropriately. It provides education that reduces fear and anxiety in emergencies. Lastly, it reinforces users learning experiences with a recap.

How we built it

We created assets and programmed events in a game engine to be deployed to a mobile phone.

Challenges we ran into

Throughout our process we had to ask ourselves why should we use VR for training and how can we introduce it in an environment where people come across sick individuals.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the outcome and prototype developed in a limited amount of time. We each brought a different and new perspective which we combined to create the most efficient learning tool, suited for everybody.

What we learned

As a group we learned how to present our project in a concise manner while effectively highlighting the key points.

What's next for SeVRE

The next step is to approach the epilepsy foundation and capitalize on their grants. We want to create a Functional Alpha and trial it on a small scale. Later this research can be used to further expand to larger organisations and more scenarios. The number and type of educational opportunities are limitless, and we would love to explore these possibilities.

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