Vulnerable populations are at risk of being left behind in an emergency situation. Current voluntarist infrastructure (e.g. CERT/NERT) does not appropriately address the issues.

What it does

Builds a network of community leaders to enable efficient communication of the communities with the government and amongst themselves.

How we built it

We made a simple web app to allow people to enlist as community leaders. It is public-facing, so individuals can look up who is the community leader for their neighborhood.

Challenges we ran into

Choosing the actual problem was the toughest part because we had to limit our scope so that the problem wouldn't be too general and also had to develop a tangible product for the same.

What we learned

We learned so much about the levels of emergency response that already existing. Our research into community preparedness shocked us with how social cohesion was more important than dollars spent in an emergency.

What's next

Our version 2 would expand into a dedicated app for Android and iOS.

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