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FULL DISCLOSURE: in the Vimeo demo, due to intermittent issues with the Alexa simulator when doing a live demo, I already ran through the skill once and am replaying the responses, which hopefully will still give a clear idea as to the features that Seven Ate Nine has to offer!

NOTE: In case you're wondering why the invocation is "Seven Eight Nine," it's because Alexa recognizes "ate" as "eight" when being spoken to. Ruins the joke a little, but oh well. :)

Seven Ate Nine is an Alexa skill that teaches the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division! In addition to covering a breadth of operations, this skill also engages kids through problem variety:

  • Basic math problems (e.g. 1 + 1)
  • Word problems (so they can learn how to apply these operations)

We also have two different modes:

  • Practice
  • Play

Play is just like practice except there is a time of 60 seconds to answer as many questions as possible. And to make it even more competitive, you get bonus points for correctly answering questions quickly. Practice, unlike play, also gives you feedback as to whether your answers were correct and what the correct answer was if you got it wrong.

Unlike many skills which provide set levels of difficulty, Seven Ate Nine adapts to your performance to allow for continued engagement. If you're simply crushing the questions, Seven Ate Nine will keep raising the difficulty. If you're having a rough day or are struggling to get the answers right, Seven Ate Nine will lower the difficulty accordingly.

Please enjoy, and I hope you go check out my skill (see link above)!

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