As most of the countries decided to impose lock-downs in early March, a large number of people lost their income sources. Just the increase in rates of unemployment across USA tells us how grim the situation is. Among all the sad news from the rising number of infection and death toll, there were still people involved with various non-profits trying to help people who are in need. This also inspired me to contribute to such social initiatives. When I started searching about various social initiatives in my area, I struggled to find a website where I could find actual Social Initiatives being run in my area. This led to the birth of SevaBhava.

What it does

  1. Sevabhava is a social collaboration platform, where non-profits can register there ongoing social initiatives and also find similar or new social initiatives running in an area. This helps non-profits to collaborate with other partners, but also reduces the chance of duplicate relief work.
  2. Volunteers can also find social initiatives in an area and register for them. Once registered we send volunteers email of all the social initiatives active in the area where volunteer has registered.
  3. We have also created an online community area, where people can post and comment about their amazing work. ## How I built it
  4. The front end is built using wix and database is used using Database collection of Corvid by wix.
  5. We use in page javascript and nodejs backend to move the data across pages.
  6. We use nodejs http to trigger emails with the list of social initiatives to volunteers once they register in a particular area. ## Challenges I ran into Challenge 1. It was really challenging to save location data of the initiative from non-profits and then simultaneously displaying it on the google maps. Challenge 2. Was sending the list of social initiatives based on the location where a particular volunteer had registered.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the demo ready on time, seemed impossible to get all the functionalities working.

What I learned

Learnt a lot about Google Map Apis and HTTP Apis.

What's next for Sevabhava

Adding an inchat option and rolling it out for Non-profits for feedback.

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