Artists are losing out on an opportunity to engage with their fans during the show. Artists can engage their fans for a better concert experience and create new ways to market to them with their partners.

What it does

Created a real-time, server-less web app that allows fans to vote on what songs they want to hear at live shows. This creates a new opportunity to engage with fans during the show, all while logging important set list data as the artist commits to playing songs.

To help artists market, we created an API that generates social media images for set lists and creates Spotify play lists from set lists so they can distribute these after the concert to enhance the "After-Show Experience".

How I built it

Web Client is React + PubNu Backend is NodeJS + Cloudinary

Challenges I ran into

  • Didn't plan it out well, sort of started coding before really thinking about what it was going to be. This made me fire away at a bunch of a different stuff I didn't end up using
  • Issues with Socan API that took up a lot of time early on
  • Tried using one particular frontend library which did not play nice with Cloudinary

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Loved the ability to get familiar with PubNub and Cloudinary

What I learned

  • Ins and outs of PubNub integration and their serverless architecture
  • Cloudinary Usage
  • More React (previously did a lot of Angular)

What's next for Set List API

  • Would love to finish the Socan API!!! I have it setup but I'm getting error codes from their API. It'd be a great addition to have artists be able to directly send their set list data to Socan!!!
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