Inspiration - We wanted a creative and interesting project that utilized analysis of visual inputs. It was essentially a simpler version of last year's foosball playing machine.

What it does - The machine plays the game of Set. In order to do this, it takes a picture using a phone and sends it to the computer. The computer then analyzes the image, finding the shapes, color, number, and fill on the card. It then finds the sets from this data and sends them to the user's phone.

How I built it - We used java and

Challenges I ran into - being able to identify the Shapes, being able to identify the colors with a solid margin of error, and being able to analyze the image in the first place.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - Being able to find the sets from the info, being able to find the color and fill of the shapes.

What I learned - How to integrate the image software into java, image recognition, vibration api

What's next for Set Finder - Increasing the accuracy and ease of use, as well as implementing a gui

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