What it does

It creates a basket of tokens based on user preferences and market cap. It then allows buying and selling those baskets directly with ether, abstracting away dealing with tokens, transfers, and trades.

How I built it

  • Made a SetBuyer contract (Set protocol wrapper with built-in liquidity)
  • Bootstrapped a simple Vue application
  • Connected front-end with the SetBuyer contract
  • Used Kyber as oracle (offchain) and as liquidity provider (onchain)

Challenges I ran into

  • Set Protocol documentation is incomplete.
  • The contracts are often not verified and ABI is not easily available (have to build contracts)

What I learned

  • Interacting with Kyber onchain
  • Set Protocol quirks
  • Creating Subgraph


What's next for

  • token rebalancing
  • buy with DAI
  • support for tokens with non-standard decimal amount
  • more stats (performance, holders, etc)

Built With

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