Every time when anyone has a meeting with a client, the major issue is choosing a place that has a good ambiance and coffee or food and is comfortable for everyone. I did this app to solve that.

What it does

Organizing any event is a bit of a pressurized work, especially when all your friends or colleagues are located in different areas of the city and cannot decide on a location. This app helps the user to find a location that is equally easily accessible by all participants with public transportation. Alternatively, users can also propose locations they want and then vote on them, to avoid long discussion. I mainly focused on public transportation in Berlin because it works around the clock and is environment-friendly, convenient, and is a primary choice for many people.

How I built it

This app is made with react native in the front end and the backend is made using PHP, Python, and SQL. I used the HERE API for the maps. The app will record the positions of the participants on a map and create an isochrone map for each participant, an appropriate location based on the isochrone map is searched in the areas where the map overlaps. The location determined by the app is equally accessible by all participants and also shows the shortest possible route for everybody. The participants can also receive a list of good locations that they can vote for fair organization and less discussion.

Challenges I ran into

Isochrone maps are challenging concepts. One could not rely exclusively on available options accessible through API. A lot of optimization and computation had to be done to find the optimal location on the map.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implementing and combining many APIs and technologies. Determining the optimal position based on isochrone maps of areas accessible through public transportation. Being able to develop a concept for a meaningful application that can be used in real-life situations in such a short time. Organizing a team of people who never previously worked together.

What's next for Set Appointments!!!

Because many events are organized in WhatsApp groups and conference calls, one could integrate this feature in an AI assistant or a chat-bot, to help users organize events even more convenient. Our concept can be extended with an extended interface for location selection based on multiple activities and Trip Advisor or Google reviews. Many meetups end up with a bill that has to be shared. Paypal integration can support such use cases. Car and bike-sharing transportation opportunities may be added to the analysis.

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