“Sessions” is a (Android) mobile app which is an innovative, collaborative 'studio' that allows sessions/jam musicians to upload their tracks (remotely) so as to create music together.

Key Features includes:

  1. Individual Portfolio
  2. Multi tracks
  3. Built in mixer & EQ
  4. Built in editor (simplified) 5. Audio Scrubbing via touch 6. Reference Samples
  5. Metronome
  6. Music Store

“SESSIONS” UI - Current Design

  1. No fancy graphic design
  2. Fully functional
  3. Easy, non-confusing selections
  4. Simplified, clear options in English 5. Mainly buttons, slices and swipes

Upcoming Releases:

  1. Social Sharing - to Soundcloud, Songflow, Spotify, and more
  2. Discovery - find other musicians (not in your network)
  3. Connect wireless to Harmon Speakers as monitors
  4. Connect - to Producers, Studios, Agents - like Abbey Road Studios
  5. Publish directly online
  6. Accompanying website to allow for: Crowdsourcing for other musicians, Crowdfunding production budget, and more
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