Students all over the world can tell you the examination session is one of the most stressing parts of the student life. What inspired us to create SessionBorn was the need to make it more approachable and less tedious for our fellow students. And what is the best way to motivate someone? Make it into a game! We were inspired by other apps such as Super Better.

What it does

SessionBorn is an innovative and fun way to make exams, tests, and lectures more attractive and rewarding. The idea behind is gamification of the effort necessary to pass all the subjects in a given semester. We introduced experience points which can be gained for completion every action such as attending a lecture, passing a test, studying. Many helpful features are accessible through SessionBorns friendly and intuitive interface. Users can add "Quests" which range from lectures to exams. Every quest has a due date and number of points that can be gained through completing it. A scenario is a series of quests pertaining to one subject, and they too can be defined by users. Additionally, it offers a possibility to access clear and very telling statistics to see how the effort was distributed throughout the semester. Last feature introduced by our team was automatic upload of every quest to CommandCenter INFORM. It’s very easy to track every quest of student using this method and know where they could reside.

How we built it

We decided to create SessionBorn using modern technologies, such as C#, Microsoft Azure and Vue.js. Data is stored in Microsoft SQL Database. SessionBorn includes 2 separate applications:

  • BackEnd serving REST API,
  • FrontEnd calling API and displaying data on user-friendly layout.

Challenges we ran into

One of the most challenging things in this project was the necessity to connect backend and frontend that were created using completely different technologies. Another thing was fitting the scope of the app in the given timeframe.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The thing we are most proud of is how we actually managed to build such a complicated and funny tool in only 24 hours.

What we learned

We learned how to cooperate while developing separate modules and how to manage the remaining time. We developed our programming skills, creativity and teamwork.

What's next for SessionBorn

We plan to extend our application to enable cooperation between users: it will be possible to see the events added by your friends, to share scenarios, compare your progress and share any relevant files. Other things that we want to add are notifications and reminders about upcoming quests and deadlines. If application would be integrated with virtual systems of schools and universities it could provide valuable information for security forces. It’s very easy to see that USA has problem with gun shooters inside schools. Our application would provide information about current lessons and therefore police officers would be able to designate areas with high density of students. This information could save lifes in future and help fight against dangers that can occur in schools - not only gun shooting but also for example fire, gas hazard etc.

Link to try out our application

SessionBorn Login : studentkhin Password: test

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