First we are scanning the network to get the information about the hosts that are up in the network. We will then perform ARP attack on the network for each host to redirect the traffic through our interface which is in promiscus mode. The ARP attack will update the routing table of each client and now according to the updated routing table of clients,our interface is the gateway to their requests and all of them will be on our port 80. Now since all the request made by the clients will route through us,our interface has a proxy server running that will futher forward these requests to the actual server on behalf of the client on port 443. Every request made by the clients in the network are saved in a folder with the name of the Clients IP Address, during the ARP attack there will be multiple folder created on our system containing all the request made by diffent clients in the network. These folder may contain some useful requests such as the Header,Authentication Cookie, and the User Credential as well. Since we have the Authentication Cookie now we dont need anything else, we now just inject the cookie into the browser and see the MAGIC!!

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