From my personal experience, I noticed that I lack motivation to attend class and my schedule was severely affected by the virtual classroom experience. What is the difference between studying at home and studying at campus? Then, I realized it's because you are in an lethargic environment and that will you lethargic. Thus, if you surround yourself with someone that has similar goals or who are motivated, than you too will be affected to study well.

Session is a website that provide student with an environment to interact with other students. They can form study groups, post questions, join game rooms, share resources, and just have fun while being productive.

The most difficult thing was to connect a database to the website. It was necessary so all the dates can be store, comments from students, resources and etc. Nevertheless, I am proud of myself to use MySql with the help of XAMPP, it was my first time using php.

The site still needs many improvement. We need more time to finish the study portion of the website.

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