Athletes and gamers review footage of their performance to accelerate their progress.

Remote teams often interrupt each other, and waste a lot of time on Slack. They lack context on what their teammates are doing.

Freelancers and solopreneurs often feel isolated; they crave community, accountability, and feedback.

Related apps: RescueTime, Momentum (Chrome extension), Slack, Tandem, Focusmate, and Twitch.

What it does

Sesh is a desktop app that runs as an overlay on top of all your other windows (like a heads-up display in a video game). You input what task you're working on, how long you're going to work on it, and press start.

Sesh then captures your work, recording a time-lapse of your screen and which apps you're using. You can also see what your teammates are actively working on.

At the end of your "sesh", you can share the video and metadata to Slack.

How we built it

Sesh is built as a combination React and Electron/Node app that runs locally on your desktop.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the most technically challenging parts of the project involved recording and streaming video from the desktop and integrating React animations into an Electron desktop app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a well-functioning desktop app in under 24 hours, with no prior Electron experience.

What we learned

On the technical side, we learned a lot about building desktop apps with Electron and the way Electron interops with React and other node modules.

On the product side, we've refined our product and pitch based on a lot of user feedback.

What's next for Sesh

Release it as a downloadable desktop app!

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