Imagine being in an industry where you get paid to talk to customers and help them solve or learn things. For example, consultants, lawyers, councilors or teachers. Now the Covid-19 has locked you down inside your house, how do you keep operating? Skype; Zoom; How to charge the customer?! We have seen a lot of our friends picking their head with these questions and there is no good solution which is designed to tackle this challenge. So naturally, being curious engineers we decided to solve this.

What it does

Serw is a mobile app that helps you keep serving your clients through video and charge them per appointment. In other words, Serw is an industry agnostic, end to end video consulting platform which incorporates payments and reviews.

How I built it

The actual app is still in the design phase. We're going to build a prototype for the hackathon.

Challenges I ran into

The speed of how this lockdown happened all around the world, crippled a lot of businesses and consultants. We need to be fast and we need to release this software asap. That's the biggest challenge we're facing, building a potential Million user app in a short time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We as Team Rootcode has been building apps for more than 5 years now. We are an energetic young startup that never gets tired of building great software.

What I learned

Covid-19 has changed our lifestyles a lot already. And it is going to change the way we work and live even after things get back to normal. We are trying to make the post-Covid world better.

What's next for Serw

Building the complete app, making it ready for millions of users, getting it out to the market in the next few weeks, keep iterating till we make it the best!

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