⚡ Inspiration

  • Personal service providers and local businesses are finding it harder to market and sell their services, especially with COVID-19 therefore, I tried to solve this issue by creating an app that lets them do this easily. -Although there are already Apps that allow users to sell their services online like fiverr or upwork, these apps weren't designed for local services and in person services like mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, lawyers, web designers, cleaners etc.
  • When I was creating this app, I wanted it to be specifically catered towards helping local service providers and small businesses in selling their services just like postmates or uber eats helping local restaurants sell their food despite of restaurants having to be closed because of COVID.

❓ What it does

  • Clients can find service providers based on their ratings and can order services. This also makes it easy for clients to quickly and easily find service providers in their local area without having to flip through phone books.
  • This app would be especially useful to people who don't have access to PayPay or credit cards (e.g. in developing countries) to make online transactions, because many of the services can be done in person and don't need online transactions. It simply is just an app to connect service providers with clients quickly and easily

🏗 How we built it

  • Creating a fully fledged app in 24 Hours would not have been possible if I didn't use glide apps, especially not alone. It makes making an app much faster and easier, so I could focus more time on the actual problem and solution.

🦾 Challenges we ran into

  • There is some limitations to glide, namely not having very flexible code, so I couldn't do many if statements to connect events in the app.
  • I couldn't finish the app fully, some of the menus are just prototypes of what it would look like and I don't have any users on the app just yet.
  • I also didn't build a payment system yet

😃 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • I've learned to build apps this weekend, something that I could not do before. Learning new ways to make apps have also opened up myself to so many new projects that I could not have otherwise created previously.
  • Overall, I had this idea in mind for a while, but I new that I could not build it because I didn't know app development. However, I was really proud of the (somewhat) finished result and the UI of the app as I wouldn't have ever thought of being able to make an app like this, especially in only a weekend.
  • I also really like my solution to the idea, it seems obvious, yet it doesn't look like there have been any apps that have been built to solve the problem, so it is useful and unique

🏫 What we learned

  • Before creating this app, I knew almost nothing about app development, so it's safe to say I've learned a lot this weekend.
  • I also learned about making a clean and user friendly UI. Previously, I used to code in python and java, only making console applications

📱 What's next for Servo

  • I'm planning on upgrading the app and making some more features work like purchasing.
  • I may need to fix some bugs and add additional features here and there
  • It would also be good if I can publish the app and have real clients and service providers use it.

Built With

  • glide
  • glide-app
  • google-sheets
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