The theme for this hackathon inspired me to create this web app! I also drew from my experience trying to decide what to watch when I hang out with my friends.

What it does

It is a user-friendly webapp built with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript that allows users to make a watch list of different TV shows and movies they'd like to watch. I included various features that make the interface more than just a list, though! For example, the user can differentiate between movies and TV shows with a visual difference in the list. Additionally, unwanted items can be removed by simply clicking on them.

What I learned

I had very little experience with Bootstrap and no experience with dealing with JavaScript for backend prior to this hackathon. I learned about keeping data in session storage, using modals and HTML forms, and setting up event listeners. Getting the list items to show up in different colors based on type was also an interesting challenge for me. Furthermore, this is my first time competing individually. Overall, this was a great learning experience, and I am happy to have created a functioning and user-friendly web app!

What's next for Servo

I hope to create a searching feature where users can look for movies and TV shows. I found a few APIs, but I didn't have time to set them up. Ideally, I would also have a feature that shows what platforms have the TV show or movie streaming for user convenience.

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