Philly Codefest 2015

In order to combat the issues involved with having firemen and EMS services to meet the standards of responding to a incident promptly, we gathered as much data through old documents, RSS feeds, old XMLS.

We then built an API out of the data we scrapped, and created a front-facing application to create visual representation of trends and the data associated with the Incidents & Fire Station Locations.

The data map revealed a corresponding trend with enlarged heated areas of incidents and fire stations that over extend their ideal maximum incidents for a fire station.


Working with a team I'm not familiar with and adapting to their workflow. Learning concepts of back-end knowledge and defining an ideal data structure. Scrapping old documents and sanitizing that data to use-able data


  • API structuring
  • Consuming API's
  • Back-end Related Knowledge
  • Angular (some-what)
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