Submission for Track #3: Patient adherence and quality care during a global pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed how education is provided, changing the in-person classroom setting to a virtual, remote one. While this barrier will eventually disappear as the pandemic settles down, there will still be ongoing concerns of having young children adhere to essential health practices, such as wearing masks properly, washing hands thoroughly, and practicing social distancing. Our goal, through this app, is to positively reinforce these essential health practices to children (particularly those from ages 5 to 12) and provide a fun social platform for interaction with their peers.

What it does

Our app functions in a mobile game-like manner, with educational aspects, social aspects, and a self-logging system of garnering "treats" or points to journal progress and status.

When you first open Service Dog, you are greeted with the home page, where 4 other tabs lay at the bottom of the screen. All of these contribute to positively reinforcing healthy practices.

  1. Home Starting with the Home page, you can view your default avatar, a dog, and your current number of “treats”, which is the point system used in Service Dog. These treats are gained overtime, through completing activities and customizing your dog. You can click on the icons on the Home screen to redirect you to the My Park page, which is a virtual play area for your dog. There, you can stylize your avatar, do activities with your dog, and customize the park’s background. In this page, you can use the treats you’ve accumulated to make your dog as happy and stylish as possible!

  2. My Friends! Next, you can navigate yourself to the first tab to the far left of the bottom of the screen, and there you have the “My Friends” page. This page allows you to view a leaderboard of your current friend’s profiles and status, where it shows how many treats they currently have from completing daily activities. This page helps you connect while promoting healthy practices with your friends.

  3. My Prizes! By completing your daily activities, you earn treats that go into your account. These treats allow you to unlock various prizes in the “Prizes” page, including different avatars to choose from and clothing to customize your avatar.

  4. Daily Activities! You can also appear on your friend’s Friend list showing the number of treats you have, when you accomplish healthy tasks shown on the “Daily Activity” page. On this page, there is a list of activities you can perform, where a check mark would appear next to the task name after you complete them. Examples of some activities include: washing your hands while singing, drink 8 cups of water, and take a walk 6 feet apart. Each activity promotes staying healthy and safe, including washing hands, staying hydrated, wearing a mask, and social distancing while being active.

  5. Learn More! The last page to your far bottom right is the “Learn More” page. Here, you can read infographics that answer questions related to healthy practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For easy navigation and information, there is also a help button at the top right hand corner of most pages that give you a brief description of each page and its purpose.

How we built it

We created and designed the majority of our assets using Figma. To create our high fidelity prototype, we took the slides from Figma and made them interactive with InVision.

Challenges we ran into

Initially we wanted to program our app using Android Studio, but due to time limitations and time zone differences, we realized that it is not feasible. Consequently, we opted to create a high-fidelity prototype that wasn’t bogged down by the technical nitty-gritty of coding.

For the creation of our high-fidelity prototype, the sheer amount of assets that we have to generate is a challenge to us. In addition, we were also limited by the functionalities of InVision (which occasionally causes some trouble for the 'back' button).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really excited about our final product -- both for the overall concept and the design aesthetics and functionalities!

For the former, an experienced mentor in the industry was really impressed by our app and would be likely to use it with his children if it existed.

And for the latter, we have done user testing for our app and users of our target demographic expressed a strong liking towards the design of our app & would use it!

What we learned

We learnt how to do rapid-prototyping and arrived at a high-fidelity prototype within a very short duration. We also learnt to use tools like Figma and InVision to help develop our prototype.

What's next for Service Dog

While our app is currently in its prototype phase through Invision, we have plans for potential future implementations and a direction that we’d like to see this app move towards.

Already planned out in the app prototype is a camera function used for taking “mask selfies” to gather more treats. Within this photo upload function, we can add a mask-checking system through machine learning and computer vision techniques to correct the user if a mask is being worn wrong, say it isn’t covering the nose.

Location services can also be used to send the user notifications once they reach home or enter a public area. Notifications can include “Did you just come back home? Wash your hands to stay safe!” or “Are you at a cafe? Make sure to follow social distancing and mask guidelines!” Another potential application of location services is to use API technology to detect bluetooth signals from nearby devices, warning the user of large social gatherings.

Finally, we plan to add-in parent and teacher accounts to allow connection with their kids. This will hopefully provide useful feedback for parents and teachers on the child’s progress.

With more time and resources, we believe our app has the potential to grow into a useful tool for both children and adults. As our target audience will be between the ages 5 and 12, we will first attempt to code via XCode and Swift to produce an iOS application, as younger audiences tend to skew towards iOS devices.

Built With

  • figma
  • invision
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