Create a customer service bot from any CSV or question/answer dataset.

Built for the Sentiment & Opinion Mining hackathon.

Powered by for information extraction and bot dialogue.

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Backend server

  1. Add your credentials following the steps here:

  2. Run the below commands:

    pip install -r requirements.txt
    uvicorn main:app --reload

Frontend service-bot

yarn start
  1. To get started, upload a csv on the front end that has your question database in the two column format: question,answer. See data/example.csv as an example.

  2. Once a csv is uploaded, the data will be saved in a file server/db.json. To create a bot based on a new dataset, delete this file and refresh the website.

  3. The bot uses's relevant term resource analysis to match customer inquiry to a closest matching result from a dataset. If the bot is unable to find a remote match it will display a generic error message. The bot will work more effectively in more scenarios with a larger csv or connected dataset.

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