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We are a team that met through our university's largest service organization, Alpha Phi Omega. We recognize the importance and need for community service in the downtown LA area and want to help facilitate the volunteering process for others. There are so many organizations looking for volunteers throughout Los Angeles, and we hope to populate those needs by encouraging service through an easy portal that also allows individuals to meet and make friends.

What it does

Our app/website aims to fulfill three main goals: availability of service events, transportation, and community building. In order to do this, our app allows individuals across LA to find service events, organize carpools, and meet fellow volunteers at the same time. Outside of listing available events, the profiling system allows for connecting and communicating with peers by providing approximate pickup locations for carpooling and essential contact information.

How we built it

We built it using the obvious HTML, JS, and CSS. We are using AWS S3 cloud server to store our files and also run our website. We are currently in the process of implementing a lambda function that would be triggered by our AWS S3 bucket data input, which would link to a dynamoDB table to store our data. In addition to that, we are also using GoogleMaps API to visualize approximate volunteer pickup locations and distance from the service project to facilitate easier carpooling organization. Lastly, we are also using Facebook Log-In API to allow for easier registration into our program.

Challenges we ran into

As USC students with only intro CS backgrounds, this was our very first Hackathon and, honestly, it was quite intimidating on the first day. Evidently, we are very new to the Hackathon community; three of our members are currently still in Intro to CS courses and two of them aren't CS majors. It took us a lot of effort to initially create the framework to even begin our code, but we didn't give up and created a product for submission. We are enjoyed the intense learning and building experience for this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we didn't give up — there were some periods, in which we were quite lost and demoralized. We're proud of not only the idea that we came up with, but also the progress we made during the creation of our program. For those of us who had never worked with any sort of web development, we were really proud of the skills we learned and the final product we created. We didn't imagine to be able to make a functioning website, much less a website that implemented different API.

What we learned

As a group we learned HTML, CSS, and Javascript and their interrelations pretty much from scratch. We also learned how to use AWS S3 storage data and more about different cloud technologies. During our trial period, we also learned how to set up AWS Cloud9 and lambda functions, in connection with Amazon's DynamoDB data tables. Finally, we also learned how to use different API in our website/app.

What's next for Service Share

We want to fully implement a profile and in-app group chat service to allow for communicating between volunteers, who sign up for specific service projects. Though we started this idea here, we don't plan on ending it here in any sense. We want to continue with its development and have a fully functioning app that we can introduce to the public in the near future.

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