Many use cases have been proposed for the 'internet of things' but not much attention has been paid to service assurance. In this project we want to show how the service problem management API can be used to help monitor the status of IoT services

What it does

We provide a Reference Implementation and Compatibility Tool Kit for the Service Problem Management Interface. We also demonstrate an implementation of the SPM interface running on top of an OpenNMS based IoT monitoring application

How we built it

We built the RI and CTK to run as OSGI services in Karaf. This demonstrates that it can be integrated into a wide ecosystem of IoT services (SDN Controllers, IoT gateways etc) We built an open source library which can be used by any project including OpenNMS

Challenges we ran into

Usual stuff - not enough time :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Producing both a reference implementation and a working demo of using SPM

What we learned

Swagger, IOT integration, SPM interface, SNMP, REsT, OpenNMS

What's next for Service Problem Management for the IoT World

Complete a basic RI/ CTK for TM Forum and Create a production plugin for OpenNMS

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