In our country, most jobs posted online are for formal or office jobs but more than half of the workforce in the country are in the informal sector. So we decided to build a platform for people in connect with people with informal jobs thus building this community

What it does

Nchito is a platform the helps people search and hire people with informal jobs. Users can create a profile on the platform so that other users can find and hire them.

How we built it

We built it using react.js for the front-end. Back-end we used firebase for storing the data, authentication and hosting the web app

Challenges we ran into

There have been many challenges as we were not too familiar with react.js. getting user data to populate in a modal after selection in the category section. Also displaying chat messages and chat history in the messages section.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It has been a good challenge. Accomplishments is using react.js. We have learnt a lot about react such as states and conditional rendering. Also fun to see the power and simplicity firebase

What we learned

We have learned a tonne of things but the most is working hard and having fun at the same time as we collaborate.

What's next for Nchito

We plan to improve the platform but having a mobile application and have people get SMS instead of chatting on our platform

Testing Instructions for Application

The Project is built using Javascript - Reactjs and Firebase for Data Storage and Manipulation. We used the create-react-app package to create the app

Running the project locally git clone

cd serviceOnline

install necessary packages yarn install or npm install

The app will run by default on localhost:3000 unless that port is occupied if it is then it will request to be run on the next available port.

The Project is currently hosted by Firebase you can check it here:

The Test Account Username: Password: 123456

Built With

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posted an update

We worked a lot of the backend to make sure the app did not take too long to load and that it used a little of the user's data as possible. We worked on the UI and ensured the user did not have to navigate for long to find what they were looking for.

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