The Paws for a Claws nonprofit inspired us to produce something to help the service animal community.

What it does

In our website, we have provided a variety of different tabs that provide different information. For finding service training locations, we have places to locate service animal training facilities across the globe. We also have an area for service animal trainers to submit notes or mistakes in training directly on site as well as an area for signing up for volunteering, donations, and listing animals that are eligible for training and/or need resources. Finally, we provide information about the website, testimonials, and contact information, and more.

How we built it

We built a website with html and css and added functionality to add forms and maps. We used Javascript to add Google Translate to our website in order to make our site more inclusive of non-English speakers. The website is hosted on Google Cloud Storage.

Challenges we ran into

Initially we planned for more features, however we are mostly beginners and our skillset was a significant limiting factor in what we were able to actually learn and implement given the time constraints. We also initially started with a completely different idea and after hours of working on it, we incidentally realized we didn’t have the skill sets needed to accomplish our goal.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud that we made a running website that is now live and accessible through a phone and a computer. We’re happy that google maps functions correctly on the site. Some of us learned html and css for the first time, others delved into Javascript. We’re also happy that after a rough start we were able to pull together in the end.

What we learned

Lots! We learned basic web development, some javascript, and api usage.

What's next for Service Buddy

Implementing the Google Translate Api to all our pages. Upgrading the Petfolio page to look neater. Making a better way to sign up for the site.

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