So many Blogs applications on the internet today but we would like to implement one with more features we can do to make it better than others

What it does

The Blog web site allows users to log in or register if they don't have account yet They can post a blog to the web, but only when users login Users can click like or unlike buttons The Admin can list all users , delete the users, enable/disable users to login

How we built it

The Front end: React JS with Context API and deployed to Azure Web Service The backend : NodeJS and deployed to Azure web service The Database is MongoDB Atlas Azure DevOps CI / CD for deployment

Challenges we ran into

1 - Deploy the backend API to Azure Container registry and deploy it to Azure Web Service. We have to create a Dockerfile and sometimes, it fails to upload to ACR and fails to deploy to Azure Web Service 2 - Use Azure DevOps to create CI/CD pipelines and deploy to Azure Web Service. The build fails a lot and the Release also fails a lot before the application is deployed successfully 3- We would like to use Redux to implement the Store in React but we don't have enough knowledge to do so we use Context API. Something we would like to learn for the next steps

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1 - Write Front end using ReactJS 2 - Write Backend using Nodejs 3 - Deploy Frontend and backend to Azure Web Service.

What we learned

1 - How Docker is working and how Azure Container Registry working 2 - Azure Keyvault to keep secrets from public 3 - Use AccessToken to access API backend

What's next for Serverless Blogging Web Application

A lot of features we did not do but we will finish them, next steps are:

  • Send email to users when they register successfully
  • Create CI/CD pipeline to deploy nodejs from ACR to web service
  • Not using Context API but redux in front end
  • Some features we need to do like: like, unlike posts, enable/disable users, delete posts
  • Make Front end more user friendly

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