What it does

AntiTraffickingChatBot is a Amazon lex bot leveraging access to the Defined Lambda Functions for Lambda Initialization and Validation , Fulfillment Function and Data Scraping. It uses Amazon lex's NLP to be able to understand a victims query to locate the nearest Victim Service Provider on the bases of just a couple of questions which ask the user of his/her age, location, service, gender.

How? Hundreds of local, state and federal government organizations use polarisproject to share data sets with the public. The public can interact with these datasets in various ways, but these ways may not be intuitive for the general public.

Challenges I ran into

Publishing the application to the AWS Serverless Repository was particularly tricky and I had to consult Keeton(AWS Serverless, Slack) multiple times. Another challenge was using Facebook test users with Messenger bot as there is no clear way to add the bot to a page created by test user.


To be able to extract Victim Service Providers after querying User responses.

Created a seamless integration by leveraging the amazon lex capabilities and Connecting with these two channels: Facebook and Twilio.

What's next for AntiTraffickingChatBot

It can easily be extended for other kinds of Services like Child Support, Suicide Prevention.

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