This idea came after I was running a server with a scraper that had a bad memory leak and used up all the ram in a day affecting other services. Being the noob I am, I was not monitoring my server and wished for a tool that somehow notified my before my other services were affected.

What it does

I decided to make a simple tool that monitors my servers and tells me whenever their disk, memory and processor usage reaches a critical point. It sends me a message whenever that happens.

How I built it

Using a simple ruby script to extract the vital information, I check the percentages with the thresholds and send a SMS whenever it is above it using nexmo.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Ran native commands in ruby for the first time Used Nexmo APIs for the first time

What I learned

Some more ruby, and nexmo.

What's next for Server Monitor

  • Daemon
  • One click install/package as a gem
  • Web server to monitor?
  • Support more OS
  • Convert to bash script?

Built With

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