ServePal is a web app built to recommend technicians of various skillsets to the client facing certain problem, based on factors like efficiency, distance from the clients location, priority, etc.

What it does

Admin Perspective:

  • Be able to view all the client locations on the map
  • Can track all the clients who have been assigned a technician and those that are still pending
  • For clients whose requirements are not fullfilled, the admin will be recommended a list of 3 technicians which further can be assigned to a particular task

Technician Perspective:

  • A technician can login and add his schedule with all the tasks assigned to him
  • In case the technician is not able to make it to the client location, the technician can notify the admin
  • The admin will receive an alert about his unavailability and make the necessary provisions by selecting a replacement which will be recommended by the system

User Perspective:

  • User can login and add their requirement on the website
  • Their tasks will be assigned to a technician, and user will be able to track his location and availability

How I built it

In order to build the web application, I used the following technologies:

  • ReactJs: To build the front end of the app, where users/admin can login and use various functionalities.
  • Express: To build the backend API's, for integrating the front-end with the database.
  • MongoDB Atlas: To store user data, information of the various client locations and details/skills of the technicians.
  • Leaflet.js : To plot a map, which showcases the client and the recommended technician locations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to demonstrate a minimum viable product in a short time span.

What's next for Serve Pal

The functionalities I wish to inculcate:

  • Add the schedule of the technicians, so that the admin can easily view which tasks should be assigned to whom
  • Giving the technician a credibility score, which will depend on the efficiency, time taken, customer review, etc
  • Recommend teams for a particular activity
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