We decided to make this app because as high schoolers, it was very difficult for us to find suitable volunteer opportunities in the area. The idea is that this app would help high schoolers like us find event organizers that would help us meet our volunteer hour quota.

What it does

With ServeOn, essentially you can create events and people within close proximity of your detected location can join the event. On the other hand, if you happen to be a student or a person in search of volunteer opportunities, this app is great for finding nearby events. You can browse for events near you and sign up to help at a event. We also have a profile page, where possible volunteers will have information about themselves so that event administrators can ensure that the volunteers are suitable for completing the task.

How I built it

To create this application we used Android Studio. This was our first time using Android studio, and we used Cloud9 to create a website for marketing our application. It took us a few hours to build the framework, get setup with Android Studio, and learn how to integrate the various features that our app would implement.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into the steep learning curve that Android Studio brought to the table, as we were all inexperienced and beginners to Android Studio, but at the same time working hard and persevering allowed us to overcome our challenges. We also had difficulty communicating at times with members because sometimes our ideas and opinions conflicted. However, in the end we were able to find a fair solution and have everything work out accordingly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of become more familiar with the Android Studio environment and growing our knowledge in the field of java app programming. We are also proud of having a successful website ( and also a successful alpha version of our app. We are also proud of gaining experience working together as a team and completing our first hackathon (for all of us)

What I learned

We learned that we may not always have the same opinions, but the best teams will always figure something out in the end. We also learned that in programming it is much more efficient to work in a group because multiple minds working to solve the same project allows the problem to get solved so much faster.

What's next for ServeOn

We plan to complete the Backend development for our web app as well as our Android application. We already have a structure and have began to code, but not everything is ready yet and we hope to get a beta version of our application completed soon.

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