At Georgia Tech, every student, including the engineers, are required to learn a programming language. They all learn either Matlab or Python. Now all of these students know basic functional programming. However, these students have no knowledge of what a server is and even less hope of really setting one up with their limited experience.

In addition, I dare you to walk around this hackathon and ask any average CS major how long it would take them on average to get a server spin up, hosted, had dns forwarding replaced, a backend webservice ready to go, all to just have user auth set up. The average answer would be OVER TWO HOURS! Getting the unit backend up and running is a pain for everyone no matter what they're doing. We just made it a lot easier.

Introducing Serve, the hosting platform for functions. Use serve to program in the normal functional process that you used when you first started to code. If you're able to write a function, spin up a hosted function on Serve, copy and paste that function in our box, and then use our provided ghost function to replace it in your local code and call that function ON THE INTERWEBS!

That's it! have a function that processes authorization request! Have one that syncs documents! Do normal file IO! Take tasks that took hours, and now complete them in minutes.

Make the boilerplate apps you were always meant to. You focus on your big idea, stop worrying about making that impressive backend. At the starting point of an application's life cycle, it just needs to work.

We dockerize and distribute the load of all of our spun off function containers, but for you, YOU JUST PROGRAMMED ON THE CLOUDS! How does that feel? Easy huh?

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