Contributed by Jim DeLong

Siri rocked our world. Imagine if she had brothers and sisters! Meet SeriousBots used by anyone who grasps the concept of “texting” to do serious data entry. SeriousBots enable users to quickly incorporate the ubiquity and convenience of texting into workflows - through Chatter®.

Innovation? A new paradigm that shifts the point of data entry and information gathering. Facilitates more natural input of data, can be extended to information crowd sourcing and ultimately intersects other intelligent “Bot networks” with all existing offerings.

Business Value? More entries, More quality, Less time. SeriousBots automate data entry thru establishing automated Chatter sessions and capturing the responses. This approach helps simplify data input and overcome delays, or procrastination, when updating entries by making them part of a more natural and proactive conversation.

The User Experience? Chatter – Salesforce1 is the conduit, but Instead of people, you Chat with SeriousBots. Chatter becomes a simpler, more engaging user interface - reducing the need for invoking’s more complex form entry applications.

Platform Use? Technically SeriousBots is a development platform built on top of the platform. SeriousBots feed and extract data from all components currently available, and those that will come next.

It’s a new way to work together, and embraces the philosophy of … “No Software”!

SeriousBots is a Native Salesforce1 Mobile App - any Hackathon award will be used in part at the KM or Arrowhead Schools (WI) to begin to teach Salesforce1 mobile development K-12.

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