In a growing ecommerce marketplace where 1.8 Billion people buy products, we have decided to use technology to empower the user to improve the accountability and integrity of the parcels and mail delivery. Our objective was to help all users involved in the delivery system, starting from the companies that send their products, to the delivery service providers , and finalizing with the consumer.

Security and safety are the main challenges we focused on to provide serenity to our clients. Users can use a highly secured application to monitor their mail and parcel box. They can even give a one time access to the box to a friend using OTP’s authentication scheme. The users can also monitor the activity of the box. When a delivery is in progress, they will receive a notification and a capture of the delivery for accountability. An alarm system, coupled with a motion detection system and a real-time video streaming, assure a security against theft.

Thanks to our modular architecture of the backend, third parties can easily integrate their services and benefit from our technology. For example, it is very accessible for a delivery carrier to plug their tracking API into our system.

Join us to write the future waves of mail system.

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