As I moseyed through campus, thoughts and ideas aflow, I desired another person to talk to. The key though, was not to talk for the sake of talking, but to explore these ideas in my head. What if there was a way (an app?) that I could connect with someone else who is specifically interested in those same topics. Messaging and discussion forums are the standard destination for these problems, however, I wanted to have the ability to do this while walking or driving or otherwise preoccupied.

What it does

This web app serves as a gathering place for anyone trying to find conversation or discuss a particular idea. Another application became apparent when we arrived at HackGSU: connecting new people attending the same event. Without a username, password, or email address required, anyone can tap through and have a conversation in seconds.

How I built it

The driving force behind SerenDy is the Twilio Client platform. It allows for easy and seamless API calls to connect one browser session to another. This sits within the Express app and maintains the frontend. The backend is Sails.js which was chosen for the built in support for Socket.IO.

Challenges we ran into

The original iteration used Vue.js as the frontend framework, however there is less documentation and we had less experience with it so we switched to a vanilla Express app. There were also issues with fully implementing the socket and room management to create the different levels of rooms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A device with a browser and internet access can visit our site and use the service without any further information required. The anonymity and lack of data collection was an important design decision for our team.

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