We lead very complex lives. In our day to day lives, we face problems that didn't even exist only a few generations ago. This leaves us exhausted, stressed and anxious. For emotional well-being, it is very important to unwind and relax from time to time - be it after a long day or after a short but very annoying morning commute. Mood Master aims to address this issue and help people relax.

What it does

Mood Master helps you master your mood.

Mood Master helps the user relax and unwind. Mood Master aims improve the user's mood by using various techniques. Sometimes, Mood Master forces the user to express gratitude in face of anger. On other occasions, she may tell a joke (or many) to cheer the user up. And if the device supports it, the user may even be rewarded with some heartwarming pictures.

Mood Master also keeps a record of the user's moods, feelings, accomplishments in a notebook. This helps track mood across time.

How I built it

Mood Master lives as a custom Alexa skill. Backend of Mood Master is powered by an AWS Lambda Function written in C#. It also integrates with various web APIs like Reddit to fetch the content. Storage engine is powered by Amazon DynamoDB.

Challenges I ran into

Designing for voice was the biggest challenge. Human language has so much more to it than just words. It was challenging to understand the user's intention and keep track of it throughout the conversation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Unlike conventional apps, Mood Master's literal goal is a happy user. I think Mood Master does a great job of providing an outlet for thoughts in relatively short period of time. And that is a great accomplishment.

What I learned

Overcoming the challenge of Voice User Interface was a big learning experience. I got to learn how to understand the user's intention and maintain context through a multi-turn conversation.

What's next for Mood Master

I believe that we have only scratched the surface of the potential that voice enabled user experience provides. Mood Master could do a lot more to guide user to a happy place. Mood Master will continue to learn from the user behavior and improve her conversational abilities.

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