We learned a lot in this assignment, and how there are way to many cases of undiagnosed cases of mental illnesses due to people not being able to confide in someone. This anonymous website will hopefully be a daily check in for people to feel comfortable speaking about their experiences with others who need to hear it.

We built this project using a simple questionnaire that puts you in a forum with others in a similar situation: for example stressed students. In these forums, users can explain their previous challenges and how they overcame these challenges to help others.

We faced many challenges such as privacy which can be solved be having a completely anonymous platform. This will help people feel more comfortable sharing their story and continue using the app.

Feasibility was also tough, but we were thinking of potentially starting partnerships with psychologists to receive a percentage of the profit they receive from the user. We would also have a list of psychologists that users can pick from; psychologists can pay money to be at the top of this ranking.

We were able to learn many things in the workshops; the most important in our opinion was how to pitch effectively. This will be showcased further in our presentation.

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