My two daughters learn many things every day, and when looking at them playing with a device that had colors and would just make you replay the color sequence that the device played, I thought, that would be a great idea for my kids to work on two things at a time, memory and word recognition, as we primarily speak Spanish at home I thought it would be great for them to play this game in English.

What it does

It would play a sequence of colors or numbers, then it will ask you to say it back, the longer you play, the longer the sequence will become.

How I built it

Mostly with the nodejs alexa sdk. Using dynamo db for persistence, sessions and high scores.

Challenges I ran into

This was the very first time I used any voice-activated device to make a game, so learning the SSML and then later figuring out there was an SDK to not have to learn all that. Also finding a good toolset for developing these skills. I ended up mostly trying echosim and notepad, although I couldn't find useful tools right out of the bat, I later found VS Code and some others, but it wasn't super straight forward to find. Also later the Alexa Development Console added a bunch of features to support this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Publishing the skill, correcting bug fixes and seeing people play it, was fulfilling.

What I learned

Basically that the dialog sequence is everything, the tech is not the focus, but the conversation is, being a voice device, conversation is everything and I undermined that at the beginning.

What's next for Sequence Challenge

More types, right now it is only colors and numbers. But I've played with the idea of animals and other types of sequences.

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