Seq was developed to address a very simple, yet acute pain point in our daily lives: the inability to conduct local searches on our mobile devices.

As Chris Dixon pointed out earlier this year, we have significant evidence suggesting we are entering a native, mobile app-era. While mobile has quickly become the defacto consumption portal, apps on the iOS platfrom remain independent silos.

We live in a time when real-time search on web and desktop is taken for granted – Seq bridges that gap to mobile.

Introducing a new way to interact with your phone. Punch or voice in a query and Seq agregates and presents relevent results from your native apps. Tap on a result to follow a deeplink into that app, with the result already loaded.

Developing these tools on iOS required extensive research, specifically due to the nature of Apple's stringent URL scheme security policies. This made uncovering and determining base URL schemes and related functions difficult if not in somecases impossible. Our greatest achievement was being able to develop this app within the constraints of Apple's sandbox. In the future we hope to partner with native application developers to ensure successful and exstensible native app integration.

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