Seoul Mate is a diverse community - comprising of students, teachers, residents, travelers, and more. Our purpose is to provide information about Korean language, jobs, internships, scholarships and everyday life in South Korea. The 200+ people community enrich the social, cultural and educational experience of both the people who are living in Korea and abroad, influence the international students communities, and enhance the overall diversity in South Korea. Until today, we have expanded our network to reach out to communities in Brazil, Ecuador, USA, Morocco, Spain, Poland and Egypt.

To celebrate 250 days of our community, we have decided to open our website and apps for contributions from general public. If you would like to contribute in any capacity, please write us back and we will be glad to recruit you!

How to run this code ?


1- Facebook SDK (download from

2- Android support 7- appcompat ( Add from SDK --> extras)

3- Google Play services library

Google Maps require auth2.0 setting in Google API Console. Facebook app id and secret is also required

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