Pretty graphs, social media

What it does

Takes a realtime feed of a certain searchterm from twitter, puts it through the google cloud api to find the sentiment (happiness) and then displays it in a web app

How we built it

In Python, Tweepy collects the tweets, which are passed to Google Cloud to find the sentiment. These are sent over a socket to the Flask webserver, which sends them over a continuous event stream to the front end, where CanvasJS plots them. As such, everything is entirely real time

Challenges we ran into

  • Forgetting/not knowing python
  • Getting the twitter and server process to talk to each other - streams going all over the place
  • API rate limits

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Everything being in real time

What we learned

  • Python
  • JSON
  • Using APIs
  • Realtime streams
  • Who Panda is

What's next for Sentwee

  • Better UI
  • Selectable search term on website

Built With

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