What it does

Sentry is a home security system that watches the local network protocol to block any outside attackers. It comes with a web app to show the current devices and security status of the system. It allows for the home owner to change the current security state of the system through the web app.

How we built it

The C code for the controller was developed in the Arduino IDE. The backend was hosted on the cloud using Google Firebase's real-time database. The front-end web application was built using React.js and Javascript. The wifi network sniffer was built using Python.

Challenges we ran into

Handling the http requests between Arduino and Firebase. Thinking of a way to devise a system that will securely block outside hackers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting our parts done, and working together with an international team. We are also proud of learning more about cybersecurity and implementing secure protocols in a system.

What's next for Sentry

Connecting all the parts together!

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