We love open sources such as Linux where we are seeing people collaborate with each other to build something great. We also would like to be perfectionists like Apple when they carefully ship cool apps, at least in terms of visualization.

Solana DeFi needs an open platform that developers can quickly focus on, develop innovative ideas, and ship the ideas to people. Meanwhile, casual users are able to find their needs on a single platform.

What it does

  • Sentre serves a DApp Store to users. They can explore, install, and play multiple DApps on a single platform.
  • Developers can avoid tedious work to focus on the idea. Sentre provides the foundation of development, financial & liquidity supports for them to realize the innovative products.
  • Encourage blockchain developers to build their ideas on Solana that will improve the number of DeFi applications on Solana.
  • Grow liquidity on Solana on 2 current protocols: Protocol-owned liquidity, Trustless P2P.

How we built it

Based on the next generation of web development - Micro Frontend, Module Federation - we built Sentre as a based platform that enables many different teams, individuals, to be able to collaborate seamlessly on a single code foundation. The source code of DApps will be hosted separately on some free services such as GitHub Pages, Netlify, Render, Vercel, Surge, and many others. Additionally, these source codes are loaded by demand. This technique allows people can install and run their favorite DApps.

(*Good to go with the demo video) It's worth mentioning the fascinated demonstration that how users can migrate their liquidity from Ethereum to Solana. Instead of going to to bridge the token, and then swapping it to a more liquid token on a DEX, now they can do it all in a single page by the Picture-in-Picture mode where 2 DApps can run simultaneously.

In regards to liquidity, at the first phase, we completely built an AMM to create a primary market. Subsequently, we're developing Protocol-owned liquidity and Trustless P2P to grow liquidity in which:

  • The protocol-owned liquidity is to buy back the LP tokens and lock them in a treasury. At that time, the LP will back up and secure to the protocol token, $SNTR. By this, Sentre can gradually raise liquidity while it stabilizes the token price.

  • The trustless P2P is to construct a sub-market beside the AMM for volatile tokens. In the young market, there're many tokens with a lack of liquidity. People are afraid of slippage and fee, then no actions and the market fall in winter. To break the dilemma, P2P exchanges seem a good choice when makers and takers negotiate on their best states and agree with an equilibrium.

Challenges we ran into

Ideally, Sentre would like to be a development & liquidity hub. In regards to the development hub, the team had a good beginning when we have built a foundation for collaboration. However, the liquidity hub definitely a challenging one. To be honest, liquidity on Solana now is pretty limited compared to other mature blockchains. So the team needs to find a way to show the innovation of Solana in general and Sentre in particular to users so that convince them to migrate their liquidity to Solana. Furthermore, finding a way to effectively work on other platforms' liquidity like Saber, Raydium, Port Finance, Parrot, .etc to expand the money circuit on Solana.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Sentre platform with the foundation of Micro Frontend and Module Federation is our excellent achievement. Now we can ship a product 2-3 times faster than the traditional development circle. The structure is very flexible, decentralized, and collaborative in which a team can work with the rest of the world to build things great.

What we learned

To be a successful project, it's definitely difficult. The full commitment of the team is compulsory for it.

What's next for Sentre

Being the leading Solana community for developers in Vietnam:

  • Sentre Academy: Provide Solana development resources in Vietnamese.
  • Online Hackathon to seek good ideas on multiple areas of Solana blockchain.

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