Data analytics is huge right now and everybody wants it. The largest businesses in the world to the smallest mom and pop shops are using it to better their company. We wanted to use the power of data analytics to influence your life at home and learn about yourself and loved ones.

What it does

We use mine the text of a user's social media posts and pull meaningful information out of a user's tweets. We then conduct a sentiment analysis (determines positivity of a post from a scale of 0 being negative to 1 being positive), political analysis(to determine the political party of the user), Myers Brigs Personality Type analysis (gives one of 16 Myers Brigs personality types), Twitter Engagement (probability of a user re-tweeting or favoriting a post), personality (whether you are extroverted, and open person, etc.), and Emotion(happy, sad, etc.). A twitter user can run this analysis on themselves and see the personality they play online. A school district could take this analysis and run it against your students and determine thoughts who may be cyberbullying or be depressed based on some of the analytical values. More features than twitter analytics.

How we built it

used python, indico, mySQL, chartist .js, tweepy

Challenges we ran into

Getting good data, running out of api calls, dealing with ajax requests, lots of type-ups

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Every single member of our group learned something new. We created a functional program and we were able to create a database that could referenced in the future and used dynamically.

What we learned

We learned more about SQL, flask front end, ajax, indico, text analysis, and more.

What's next for Sentivents

We would like to be able to dynamically pull data. We want to find even more real life applications as we believe the analysis we can generate can be beneficial in many areas.

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