My team and I love the stock market. We feel it is a great tool for not only gaining revenue but also expanding your knowledge of the financial and economical world. Like many others we aren't stock market pros. So instead of making wrong choices about which stock to buy, why not have an app to tell you? SentiStock takes rss feeds from popular blogs and websites and through sentimental analysis gives you advice on whether you should buy more stock, sell your current shares, or keep your shares. To build this application we used swift, json, xml parser, and sentimental analysis. As previously stated we took rss feeds from popular websites and blogs. Our api for sentimental analysis was able to pull relevant keywords and phrases from the rss feeds to determine whether the article was positive, negative, or neutral. Based on this we were able to theorize whether the companies stock was going to go up or down. Integrating the sentimental analysis and having it work with the rss feeds was a big challenge for us since we had never done this before, but after hours upon hours of research and hard work we were able to make it work. Since getting the sentimental analysis to work was such a challenge and a pain it is easily our proudest accomplishment in accordance with this application. Through developing this application we learned that learning and understanding new languages, api's, and software is much harder than we originally thought. It takes many hours of handwork, studying, building, and of course plenty of red bull. In the future we hope to get SentiStock in the app store so it can help users world wide make better stock decisions.

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