Asteroids. The kind of game play that is not taxing on one's mental capacities, but rather, made for the player's entertainment.

What it does

It's a game features fast-paces action and arcade style elements, made to be learned within the firs minute of playing it.

How we built it

We made a game that responded to keyboard input while focusing on making it work at a very basic level, then switched the controls to the mouse and added more enemies and levels, which later was relayed to the Myo armband.

Challenges we ran into

Multiple Myo armbands ended up being impossible to use simultaneously. This critical problem was fixed by experimentation with different kinds of player input. Mapping game control to keyboard input worked and made the game playable, but the movement was sluggish and felt heavy. Having the game feel unresponsive we thought about using the mouse as directional input. It had some flaws, but after granting the Myo armband mouse control, the game became much faster, which allowed me to make faster enemies that resulted in the much needed fluid game play

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a working example of a game implementing the Myo armband. By the time we finished the first working prototype I believe we were the first group to successfully implement the armband.

What we learned

Start Small, then build up on it. The biggest problem was making big changes on the game only to test them too late and find out that something didn't work and needed to be rewritten.

What's next for Sentinel's Protector

Online multiplayer support is one idea we hope to build in the future, but another goal we have is to make a version of the game that replaces the Myo armband and uses a smartphone as a controller.

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