This past school year, terrifying events conspired at our high school. Two bomb threats were called in, and a frantic announcement over the loudspeakers sent us running out of the campus to safety.

A major issue in our evacuation was getting out the fact that we had a threat. Students returning from local restaurants were puzzled by the massive number of students fleeing the campus, and in fact attempted to get into the school to investigate.

In the days following the incidents, discussions at school with our peers and teachers motivated us to do something about the tragedies. Thus, Sentinel was born.

What it does

School administrators can send alerts of danger on campus to students. In doing so, an SMS is sent to all students on the network. Administrators may also add areas of safety and evacuation routes for the students to view.

How we built it

We successfully built our application with Java, Android Studio, and Firebase. In effectively combining these tools, we have produces technology that's a powerful tool for combating violence. Using Object Oriented Programming and server side programming, the application is able to complete complex tasks with many users simply and effectively.

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